Travelling in groups

Thinking of a joint holiday with your friends and competitive conditions? Planning a group trip to an exotic country with your friends that you wish to enjoy in your own way? Tell us about the parameters you already know or chat with us to get some guidance. We’ll manage the rest.

  • Air transport including transfers to/from the airport
  • Competition-beating discounts from catalogue/non-catalogue tours and trips designed to the needs of any group or team and special prices
  • On-site transfers
  • Travel itinerary
  • Travel insurance packages and visas
  • Tips and arrangements for adequate local accommodation
  • Payments in agreed instalments and dates – price optimising


A stag week trip

Colleagues from work have been permitted by their wives to leave for a stag trip. Well, just going to some hotel and spending time lying by the pool would not be worthy. They want to explore places and have fun. Amusement, sports and local trips is what they require. They decide to leave for Cuba. They’ll rent a car for two days to visit Havana, buy some original Cuban cigars and drink mojitos at the hotel in the evening. They’ll spend the day snorkelling and playing beach volleyball. Their trip will include a one-day trek to El Rocia Waterfall. Once their week of rest will be over, the gentlemen will come home, everyone of them feeling like a new man.

A hen week trip:

Mums need some relaxation somewhere away from their kids, so they arrange a joint event. Nevertheless, they are very limited by the date, finding none of those in the travel agency catalogues convenient. Well, they’ll have their trip designed by us. Key requirements: swimming and shopping. They will be recommended to stay in the United Arab Emirates by our Incentive Product Manager. The ladies will make their choice: a hotel based right on the beach. In addition, they will leave for some evening shopping several times a week. They will have enjoyed the time away from their children very much, only their husbands’ credit cards will have slimmed a little bit .

Scout troop friends

Ten years ago, they used to spend most of their days together. As they went to their studies, their ways parted. Now that they have met at their troop’s anniversary and are yearning for their past, wandering around the country. However, none of them has the time to arrange their trip, and they need something really romantic. Accordingly, they contact ESO travel’s Incentive Department demanding them to do so. They want to see inhabited mountains. They wish to take long treks. They want to learn the local culture. They want places without tourists. The lady from the department will recommend travelling around the Mountains of Yemen, which she will subsequently arrange in full. The excited friends will promise themselves to take such a tour at least once a year.

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