Third example

Employer: A multinational corporation active in the field of development and operation of a telephone network – a mobile operator.

Key target group: Representatives of the company’s TOP 100 customers and their partners.

Reasoning for the application of the incentive scheme: Loyalty building within the group of key customers of the company.

Objective: Strengthening the loyalty of the Employer’s major customers prior to the entry of a mobile operator competitor into the Czech market, thus preventing possible fluctuation in the atmosphere resulting from increased competition.

Incentivní projekt CK ESO travel: ESO travel incentive project: A luxurious group trip to the Maldives with a programme as follows.

  • Day 1: Meeting the participants at a *****hotel in Prague, a welcome speech on behalf of the Employer, a welcome drink provided by hostesses and a joint lunch, transfer to the Praha-Ruzyne Airport, a group check-in of persons and luggage, staying in a separate pre-flight lounge at the airport, departure via CSA and Emirates to Male with a stopover in Dubai.
  • Day 2: Arrival in Male, transfer to the ***** Paradise Island via air taxi.
  • Day 3-8: All-inclusive stay with the best food in the form of full board inc. alcoholic and soft drinks, non-motored water sports, rental of sports equipment, etc.). Sun-bathing, resting on the beach, sports seasoned with diving and snorkelling courses for persons interested and trips to the neighbouring islands.
  • Day 9: Transfer to the Male airport via air taxi and departure to Prague.

Conclusion: Based on the Employer’s evaluation, both business and informal links were reinforced and customer loyalty improved by means of the trip organised in a professional manner as well as the joint activities of the Employer and Employer’s customers with a good financial standing. The incentive events have been repeated by the Employer.

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