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We have the widest range of exotic tours in the Czech market, but this is not enough. We seek to be helpful and to meet the personal needs of our clients. Your destination is selected, but your preferred date is not on the list? Wishing to stay longer or combine your trip with a visit to neighbouring countries? Cannot miss seeing the town located by the airport where you are to change your plane? Seeking a holiday spent playing golf or simply staying active? Go and study our special offer! It’s designed just for you!

  • We will design a custom trip to suit your needs.
  • We will arrange a comprehensive package for you including accurate services and a whole range of information resources to serve as invaluable help namely if travelling to a distant country.
  • Personal delegate/guide services.
  • We will provide guidance on which destination and season to choose for your trip.
  • VIP airport services.
  • Special check-in at the airport. No queues!
  • A personal approach by the staff assigned throughout the period of the service.
  • Detailed itinerary for your trip.
  • Wellness weekends at luxury centres around the world.
  • On-site VIP transfers from/to the airport.
  • Promotional brochures and leaflets plus printed guides to make your trip easier.
  • Travel insurance packages and visas.
  • Accommodation at top hotels, and even more special and comfortable places to dwell such as residences, castles, haciendas, lighthouses, romantic boutique hotels, etc.
  • Gifts at departure as well as in your hotel room.
  • Events upon order right where you stay in varied destinations around the world.
  • A cosy lounge before you depart.

Before you leave from the Prague-Ruzyne Airport, why not make use of the services in a special lounge? Club CONTINENTAL is the stress-free choice for the most demanding people who wish to travel the world while their privacy is retained. The VIP Lounge Personnel will make sure you’re dispatched fully and safely with your luggage and passport plus your VAT is refunded. The VIP Lounge includes a served buffet, daily newspapers in a range of languages, TV, wireless internet connection and even a children’s play corner if you are taking your kids with you. In addition, a VIP car park, meeting room with all related technology and a press meeting room are available as well, including personal transport to your airplane by a limousine or coach. Need to purchase something before you leave? Don’t worry. Feel free to access the transit area and go shopping.

Our services
Full check-in services included
Personal transport to/from your airplane
48 hours free parking in the VIP car park

Price per arrival/departure
CZK 3900 - 1 person
CZK 5500 - 2 persons
CZK 7000 - 3 person

15% discount if you are a VIP ESO Club member
Types of custom luxurious trips:
French Polynesian Island Tours
Namibian Safari – a weekly individual trip
Tour of the Lesser Antilles – Dominica, Barbados and St. Lucia
Extended weekends in the *******Burj Al Arab – the world’s most luxurious hotel based in Dubai

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Katalogy ESO travel Newsletter Dovolená 2016 - Novinky emailem Facebook

Keňa - Tanzanie - Zanzibar

12. 11. - 26. 11.

Keňa - Tanzanie - Zanzibar

133 590,-

148 490,- Kč

Okruh výkladní skříní černé Afriky kombinuje setkání s tisícovými stády...

To nejlepší z Kuby

26. 01. - 06. 02.

To nejlepší z Kuby

66 990,-

71 990,- Kč

Seznámíte se s architekturou koloniální Havany a Trinidadu, spatříte jedinečné...

To nejlepší z Yucatánu

27. 01. - 09. 02.

To nejlepší z Yucatánu

73 490,-

78 990,- Kč

Vhodný program pro milovníky kombinovaných zájezdů. Po velmi atraktivním okruhu...

Nový Zéland od severu k jihu

13. 02. - 02. 03.

Nový Zéland od severu k jihu

120 990,-

129 990,- Kč

Příroda této země je nesmírně pestrá. Divoké pobřeží, pláně pokryté...

Velký okruh Kubou

05. 01. - 16. 01.

Velký okruh Kubou

77 990,-

83 990,- Kč

Během tohoto okruhu poznáte celý ostrov včetně východní provincie Santiago de...

Austrálie - Nový Zéland

06. 02. - 23. 02.

Austrálie - Nový Zéland

138 990,- Kč

Nesmírně oblíbený zájezd kombinující návštěvu hlavních atraktivit...

Velký okruh Havajskými ostrovy

17. 11. - 02. 12.

Velký okruh Havajskými ostrovy

96 990,-

103 990,- Kč

Příležitost pro cestovatele, kteří touží po odpočinku na tichomořských...

To nejlepší z Floridy

01. 11. - 09. 11.

To nejlepší z Floridy

42 990,-

46 990,- Kč

Před sto lety byla Florida místem džunglí a močálů. Nyní je místem pláží,...

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