Company and incentive trips

Thinking of a good incentive for your staff? How can you reward your loyal business partner? How can you support your sales reps and find new ones? In common: how to increase your company’s performance and economical profit?

ESO travel, the Czech travel agency, are established and recognised experts and consultants in the field of incentive tours and their motivational benefits, which bring real economic results. We can find an ideal and effective form of tour for your company that will strengthen your relationship with your business partners and what’s more, bring economical benefits.

We can design a scheme that will suit the particular needs of any type of business or we can offer one of the already implemented programmes for your selection. We have had long-term practice as organisers of similar events on which we cooperate solely with our proven long-time partners all over the world. Our range includes activities in the field of arranging conferences, congresses, workshops, trainings and educational events for company staff members or partners both at home and abroad.

To transport our clients to the selected destination, we employ solely reputable airway companies - dominant players in the global market. All transfers and trips of our clients are provided by our foreign partners with rich experiences, as well as ESO travel’s professional guides. Again, accommodation is always arranged in hotels that have undergone a very thorough selection process. We can offer the full comfort you need to make your special programmes and activities real.

Examples of realisation

Here are several examples of how we implement incentive schemes.

While taking your incentive tour, you will be served by ESO travel with the following:

  • Transport to your destination and back including local transfers
  • Accommodation at hotel categories based on your choice plus conference and congress services such as meeting rooms and technology rental
  • Special incentive schemes focused on working in teams, i.e. team building
  • Standard learning, sports, relaxation, cultural and other programmes
  • Technical, organisational and interpretation guides to accompany your team
  • Full travel insurance package
  • Closed company feasts and cocktail parties
  • Full branding (decoration by your company symbols)
  • In-house competitions and games
  • Programmes for accompanying persons
  • In addition, we can provide other special services upon request, such as the professional filming of your trip from the beginning to the end which includes making DVDs for each of those participating, souvenirs for the attendees, a grand banquet in a local restaurant serving gastronomy special to that country, etc.

The activities for companies comprise the following services:

  • All-company holidays and business trips – we can provide a full range of services including consultancy concerning adequate selection of destinations, accommodation and other services based on your needs.
  • Competition-beating discounts from catalogue/non-catalogue tours. Trips designed to the needs of any group or team and special prices.
  • Diverse kinds of training, workshops and education schemes present highly effective incentive elements. If anything like this is supported by an exotic venue, which we can help you choose, the success will be guaranteed.
  • Bonus trips involving attractive programmes with the particular intention of motivating the participants (trips arranged exclusively for the given team)
  • Trips for business partners, winners of your promotional contests and VIP clients
  • Organising, arranging and selecting the programme, ESO travel’s Incentive Department services
  • Trade shows, conferences and exhibits – services related to your company presentation, arrangement of accompanying programmes
  • Incentive events (team building)
  • Special tailored events in diverse destinations around the world
  • Employee benefits for company customers
  • Presentation of events at your company’s premises
  • Group trips, e.g. to major sports, cultural or other events

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