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Employer: A minor enterprise undertaking a distribution business of professional hand electric tools by means of 25 dealers active around the territory of the Czech Republic.

Key target group: Small and medium enterprises delivering woodwork and construction work.

Reasoning for the application of the incentive scheme: Following eight years of activities, regional markets became covered and spent, with the dealership scheme as well as the former growth of customer numbers starting spontaneous stagnation.

Objectives: Dealership scheme recovery, arrangements for growth of customer numbers with additional customers coming from other professional groups, raising awareness of a new product series.

ESO travel incentive project: Focused on increasing the demand of Employer’s branded products by the dealers through ESO travel’s incentive travel cheques. The cheques were distributed by the company dealers as they supplied the products from the new series to the points of sale within the sales network in accordance with principles based namely on the quantity of the products demanded. Subsequently, the cheques were administered by phone via the ESO travel call centre operators who then arranged for the selection of the trip as instructed by the customers, dispatched the trip and implemented it in the name of the Employer. Event duration: Four months.

Conclusion: The Employer’s follow-up success rate analysis produced the following: an increase in sales of the products over 10% was registered by the Employer and the number of sales points and the customer loyalty increased. The incentive schemes have been periodically repeated by the Employer.

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